In My Heart 22

A tall and good looking man walk inside the room carrying a sling bag on his shoulders. He smile at them as he carefully settle down his bag on the floor.

“Hello, I’m Mark.”

“H-hi. I- i’m Sa-bel.”

Maya heard Sabel stammer. When she look on her left, Maya saw both of her friends gaping at Mark. Embarrass of their behavior, Maya felt her neck and cheeks warm from blushing. Sometimes her friends just can’t contain themselves and end up embarrassing her as well. If not of the sudden knock on their door Doris will remain speechless and probably drooling over the male specie in front of her.

“Ma-may ka-sa-ma..ummmm”

Doris has to clear her throat first or everyone won’t understand a single word of what she says.

“May kasama ka Mark?”

“Wala naman.. ako lang naman pinadala ng SNT..unless may pina-book kayong iba?”

Both Maya and Doris turn their head and look at Sabel who is sitting at the middle but Sabel just shook her head telling her friends that she has nothing to do with whoever is knocking on their door that moment.

“Baka staff ng resort..ang ingay mo kasi kanina eh, tili ng tili parang abnormal lang..Teka titingnan ko muna..ahmm excuse me muna pogi ha.”

“Ma’am pwedeng gumamit ng C.R? Maghahanda lang po ako.”

“Yeah sure, andun ang C.R oh…dalian mo ha.”

Doris said while while giggling as she opens the door. Suddenly the giggle turns to gasp when she saw the person standing outside.

“Dalian pala ha…”

Fred remarked while glaring at Doris. Doris immediately took her place beside Sabel once again.

“Bakit? Anong nangyari…”

Sabel and Maya gasp then cover their face when they saw the three men step inside their room. The three women completely surprise of their sudden appearance.

“So…this is what you do whenever the three of you are out on a vacation, hmm?”

Ryan announced as soon as they step inside the room. Resting both of their hands on their hips, the three men face Maya, Doris, and Sabel. Standing on their front while the three ladies who are still unable to look up to them remains seated at the edge of the bed.

“Hindi ah!”

Sabel said trying to defend themselves. Adding fuel to the fire, Mark step out of the rest room wearing only his sexy underwear, body glistening from body oil.

“Hep! Bumalik ka at magbihis ka na!”

Fred pointing his forefinger unto Mark, raising his voice showing irritation. Mark immediately close the door as soon as he heard saw Fred and heard of his  angry voice.

“This is ridiculous … ”

Maya heard Richard sigh then saw him shook his head, clearly displeased of what he discovered.

“Kaninong idea to?”

“Kay Sabel.”

Maya and Doris points at Sabel.

“Bakit ako?”

Eyes widen in shock, Sabel’s eyes pleads ‘not guilty’ of her crime.

“Eh sino ba ang nagpabook sa SNT? Di ba ikaw Sabel?”

Ryan said with his matter-of-factly tone then walk-out of the room.

“Babe wait.”

Sabel grab her robe and followed Ryan out of the room.

“Mag-uusap tayong dalawa. Di ako naniniwala na wala karing kasalanan dito eh! Pack then we’ll leave!”

“Leave? Bukas pa …”

Doris was trying to tell him that they still have until tomorrow but when she saw Fred’s angry look, she stands up and began collecting her stuff. While Doris is busy packing, Maya reach out for the pillow behind her to cover herself.

“Ngayon ka pa nahiya? Kanina ang lakas ng loob mong i-display  yan sa lalaking yon?”

After several minutes Fred and Doris bids goodbye and then heads off . Richard knocked at the rest room telling Mark to go out. Nang bumukas ulit ang pinto, nakabihis na ulit si Mark at nagmamadaling umalis.

“Aalis na din ba tayo?”

“Hahanapin ko muna sina Ryan. Please tanggalin nyo tong…arggghhh! May pasabi-sabi ka pang magpapakabait ako while you’re away tapos ikaw pala tong…saka nagbilin ka pang huwag galawin ang box yun pala wala ng laman?”

Richard picked the sex toys that Maya and her friends decorated all over the room and throw them on the bed making Maya blush even more.

“Linisin mo muna tong kwarto while I look for them saka na tayo mag-usap. Naaalibadbaran akong makita tong mga to.”

Habang hinahanap ni Richard sina Sabel at Ryan ay naglinis si Maya ng kwarto then started packing her stuff and Sabel’s. Getting herself ready as well just in case Richard will inform her na aalis din sila ng gabing yon. When Sabel returns with Richard and Ryan di nga nagkamali si Maya because Richard told her that they will have to head home too. Pagkatapos i-inform nina Maya ang receptionist na aalis na sila agad na silang nagpaalam kina Sabel at Ryan.




“Chard still upset?”

Maya ask as soon as they arrive at their condo two hours later. Richard didn’t say even a single word all throughout their ride home. Maya feels guilty and sorry for him at the same time. She knew it ain’t easy controlling himself to keep his hands off her only to discover she’s doing naughty stuff behind his back. Not that she really did something but she knew that such  little ‘naughty’ thing disappointed him so much.

Richard got himself a glass of water from the fridge, empty its content in one big gulp then turn and left Maya standing at the kitchen counter without replying to her.

Ito kasing si Sabel at Doris eh! Lagi na lang akong napapahamak everytime may gustong gawing kababalaghan tong dalawang to!


Maya followed him inside their room pulling her bag behind him. When she step inside he saw him going inside their bathroom so she decides to wait for him.  Minutes later Richard comes out after taking a shower, with dripping wet hair and hips wrapped with towel. Maya could only swallow hard while watching him striding towards her.

“What? Don’t tell me magagalit ka at nakahubad ako? ”

She turned red with embarrassment.

“Of course not…tapos ka na? Pwedeng ako naman?”

It was the only excuse she could think of when she saw the half-naked man infront of her. Richard move and let her pass. Inside the bathroom, Maya could hear her heart thumping wildly.

Bakit ako kinabahan? Di nga ako kinabaha sa macho dancer kay Richard pa? Yeah right..dapat nga ata ako kabahan! Hmp! Makaligo na nga!

After stripping off her clothes. Maya turn the shower knob. She ‘s enjoying the water dripping down on her body, temporarily forgetting about Richard for awhile when she felt the presence of someone joining her there, Maya leap then turn around and cover herself.


She saw Richard naked and now dripping with water just like her. Richard move forward prompting Maya to walk backward a little more  till her back press the bathroom wall.

“I want you..please don’t make it hard for me Maya. I’ve been yearning for you for a long time already.. patiently waiting ..please..”

Richard utter, almost in a whisper teasing her sensually. Richard bent down and kiss Maya on her lips. One hand stroking her sides while the other is holding her nape. It took awhile for Maya to respond to his kiss. Wrapping her arms around his waist, Richard took it as a sign of her approval.

Lifting her gently, He position himself between her legs  as she straddle him and press her back on the wall. Kissing her lips passionately once again. Trailing kisses down her throat till his mouth claim one pink peak. Maya arch her back as Richard began sucking and gently nipping her there. Claiming one peak to another, Maya kept moaning softly. Turning the shower off, Richard step out of the shower room. Without breaking the kiss, he took long stride across the room still carrying her. Still dripping with water, Richard lay Maya on their bed.

“I have your permission already..right?”

Richard asked, looking down at her, making sure that Maya is a  willing participant, when he saw her nod. Richard bent down and claim her mouth once again.

Wtih every burning touch … moans.. and cry of joyful bliss that  echoes on the four walls of their love nest, Maya and Richard finally consummated their marriage after six long years.




” Pa-virgin po ako ngayon…yun lang po ..thanks for the visiting my blog always. ” 





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  7. myrnavp
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 05:53:50

    love the turn of events….hahahaha kundi pa nahuli sila maya….baka d pa din maka score si mamang singkit hahhahaha…love it! thank u thank u….GOD bless!


  8. Ritchie Maneja
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 05:00:52

    M sorry Ms Con pala 😛

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    Oct 02, 2013 @ 23:06:19

    the end na ba ito ng imh, momma M? i hope not…


  12. rocsan888
    Oct 02, 2013 @ 23:00:18

    Mukhang hindi pa….wala namang nakalagay na ” the end”


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