In My Heart 23

Maya woke up cuddled on Richard’s arms . Both still naked under the sheets after a night of blissful lovemaking. Maya snuggle closer to him loving his smell and the warm touch of his skin close to hers. The sudden movement of Maya stirs Richard from his sleep, drawing her closer to his form.

“Hon..male-late na naman tayo..”

Maya warned him still feeling groggy from sleep. Eversince the resort incident, the night that they finally consummated their marriage, they haven’t sleep well. Not because they are busy with work or other stuff but because they are ‘ busy with each other ‘. Making up for the wasted six long  years, their growing physical needs intensifies whenever they are together.

“Five more minutes..”

Came Richard’s  usual reply every morning.  Maya look up to check on him, seeing his eyes still close. Maya playfully nip on his chest creating a small reddish circle on his skin.

“Okay…one hour more…”

Richard tease with a throaty laugh after.

“Bangon na. Go ahead and take a shower while I prepare breakfast.”

Maya move away from his embrace. Pulling the comforter with her as she stand up and collect her undergarments and robe on the floor. She left the room shortly after she got dressed while Richard proceed to the shower. Minutes later, he joined her on the breakfast table. After breakfast, Maya prepare herself while Richard wash the dishes. Took a bath, get dressed for office, and an hour later, they hit the road.

Everything is working perfectly fine for them for the past few days. Both are extremely happy with how things are going on their relationship. Everyone in the office seems to notice how happy Maya is and people are asking her if she’s dating again. Despite the talk that’s circulating around the office that she broke up with James already, Maya haven’t disclosed any information about it to anyone in the office. The question of whether she is dating again really surprised her. Not that she wants them to think that she and James are still okay but she just don’t want them to talk about her private life. To avoid further discussion Maya would simply smile and walk away.

One morning James drop to her office to ask about the financial report that he needs.

“Maya remind lang kita about the client meeting with the De Dios sa susunod na araw ha. Please don’t forget it. I need you there badly.”

“Don’t worry natatandaan ko pa yan.”

“Okay..and by the way, I don’t know if I should say this pero pinapakumusta ka ni Mom. Nami-miss ka na raw niya, sana daw dalawin mo siya one of this days.”

“James I don’t think its right to..”

“I know..i know…sinabi ko lang hoping na baka … you know, okay lang naman sa’yo..sorry.”

James played with the folder he is holding.  Maya sense that there is something that James wants to tell her but he is having a hard time deciding whether he would tell her or not. For old time’s sake, afterall they’re still friends. Maya decided to ask him.

“Ano yon James? Come on tell me..may problema ba?”

” She’s asking me …when is our plan to get married.”

“Di pa nila alam naghiwalay na tayo?”

“Yes.I haven’t talk to them yet..I was hoping..”

James didn’t finish what he wanted to say to Maya. All she hears after is his deep sigh. As she sense the  sadness in his voice, Maya couldn’t help but feels sad. She can feel little pangs of pain pinching through her heart.

“James..I’m sorry..”

“It’s okay..sige mauna na ako. I have to check on this report before we face the client next day. Sorry at nadistorbo pa kita.”

“It’s okay… sige check mo lang yan, if you have question just call me.”


James stand up and head to the door. It’s been awhile since James left, but Maya keeps staring at the close door infront of her. She can’t help but think about James and the guilt she’s actually feeling right now.

That night, Maya and Richard are cuddled together on their bed. They’ve been happily talking about a funny incident that happen to Richard while he was still in the US when he receives a call. Richard pick his cellphone from the nightstand to check who is calling him. His brows furrowed upon reading the name on his phone .

“Wait, sagutin ko muna to ha.”

Richard got out of bed then walk out of their room leaving her curious. it was the first time he did that. He usually answer his phone even if Maya is sitting across him or even if she is just lying close to him. She can’t help but feel strange about it.Minutes later, he return smiling and definitely in a better mood than when he left her minutes ago.


“Anong bakit?”

“Why are you smiling?”

“Wala lang. Kailangan ba may reason kung bakit ako naka-smile?”

“Sino yung tumawag?”

“Si Liza.”

“Good news?”


“Chard! Come on tell me!”

“It’s an office stuff..Di ka rin makakarelate..”

“Ganun? Porke ba di tayo magkasama sa office di mo na pwedeng sabihin?”

“mmmmm yeah..sorry…ano na nga yung napag-usapan natin?”

Quickly changing the topic, Richard pull her again on his embrace as he lay himself down next to her.

“Ewan ko sa’yo Mr. Lim..sige na nga,di na kita kukulitin. By the way, sa susunod na araw pupunta akong Cebu. The next day na ako makakauwi.”

“Okay..ikaw lang mag-isa?”

“Nope. Me, Catherine, and James.”


“Oh bakit? It’s for work so please huwag kang mag-isip ng kung anu-ano pa.”

“Okay…sinabi mo eh..make sure kasama talaga si Catherine ha.”

“Oo naman, kasi kung hindi di ako sasama.”

“That’s better…”

Richard smile then squeeze her gently to him. Claiming her mouthing for a kiss.



The next day, Maya and Richard met in a restaurant near her office for lunch. Papaalis na sina Maya sa restaurant when someone caught Maya’s attention.  A woman who just came in is heading their way. The woman smile at Maya upon seeing her. It was James’ aunt. Maya couldn’t help but feel awkward when she stop at their table to greet her.

“Hi’re here for lunch?”

“Yes tita..kumusta po?”

“Okay lang..oh my ka-meeting ka ata..sorry.”

“No okay lang po. By the way this is Richard. Chard this is tita Nelly.”

“Hello po, Nice meeting you.”

Richard extended his arm for a handshake, which the woman gladly took.

“Hello Richard… ikaw lang ba Maya? Where is James?”

“Po? Ummm nasa office po eh.”

“Ah okay..sige I won’t keep you long baka busy pa kayo sa meeting..sige, someone is waiting for me din eh.”

“Sige po..ingat po.”

“Thank you, the way, see you tomorrow sa birthday party ni Sonia. I heard she invited you.”

“Po..ummm sige po..”

Napa-isip si Maya sa sinabi ng tita ni James. After Nelly left, umalis na din sina Maya and Richard sa restaurant.

“I thought you are going on a business trip tomorrow? ”

“Yes I am..”

“Then what is she talking about?”

“I don’t know..honestly nabigla din ako.”

“Tell me, di pa ba nila alam na naghiwalay na kayo ni James?”

“Sorry di ko sinabi sa’yo ..yes hindi pa ninya alam..kahapon ko lang din nalaman.”

After the talk involving James, Richard is in bad mood already. Di na niya ulit kinausap si Maya. He is obviously mad when he learned about it pero wala namang magawa si Maya sa mga pangyayari. Naiintindihan naman ni Maya kung bakit ito nagalit. Matagal na silang naghiwalay ni James and he thought alam na ng lahat yun including his family.

That night, Maya and Richard are on it again. Discussing about her business trip the next day, Maya was surprise when Richard announced that he won’t let her go.

“What? Di pwede yang gusto mo Chard ! Di naman ako pupunta dun para magbakasyon, I’m going there to wor. Yon lang.”

“Ayoko nga na sumama ka. Tell him to bring someone else.”

“Di nga pwede..ako yung dapata isasama niya. Don’t you get it. This is a big client, di lang basta-basta yung client na to that’s why he needs me to be there.”

“I said, NO!.”

“I will go..”

“Then I guess I have to say this…mamili ka..di ka sasama or magre-resign ka sa agency ni James.”

Richard said with finality.


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