Almost 9

Richard was about to enter his car when the gate opened and he saw Maya.

“Good morning Sabel.”

Maya greeted cheerfully. Sabel smiled and replied to her greeting as well then hooked her arms unto Maya after closing the gate. The two were whispering and giggling as they walk towards the main door, unknown to them, Richard was observing them, especially Maya. He was still upset with her for not coming home last night and for not even bothering to call to inform him or the rest of her whereabouts.

Richard cleared his throat to let his presence known to the two, blocking their way and holding Maya’s elbow at the same time. Maya and Sabel stopped their tracks and look at him altogether.

“Ay Serr…sige Maya mauna na ako sa loob.”

Sabel went inside leaving Richard and Maya. Sabel knew her boss is not in a good mood this morning. He was grumpy and all and they all knew Maya was reason. Even the kids are suspecting that the two quarreled, good thing Manang Fe was there and was quick to come up with an alibi.

“Maya let’s talk! Once and for all let’s talk! I don’t care if may flight ka pa or kung ano pa yung reason mo just to avoid me , I don’t care. If kailangan kitang itali sa isang upuan para lang pilitin kang makinig sa akin I will definitely do that!”

Trying his best to keep his voice down aware that there are people inside who might be watching them that moment. Maya stared at him, for a moment she was threatened but instantly compose herself and relax.

“Di mo na kailangan gawin yan. Gusto mo lang naman pakinggan kita di ba. Saan ba, dito o sa principal’s office?”

Maya asked referring to Richard’s home office. Richard let out a sigh,. He grabbed her wrist and led her inside the house then they went up to the master’s bedroom. Richard didn’t let go of her until they reached their bedroom and she was already seated at the edge of their bed. He was kneeling infront of her then held the side of her neck, bracing her head to make her look at him while they talked.

“Listen.. Denise. Understand?”

Richard didn’t know if she  heard what he just said for she just stare at him without any glint of raw emotion on her face.


Came Maya’s abrupt reply.


Richard asked somewhat quizzical on her brief response. He doesn’t know how to take it. His brain assessing things whether to take it positively or the other way around.

“Come on Maya, don’t be like this.”

“Ano? Bakit? ”

“Di ka ba naniniwala? ”

“Oh..ano  na naman? Sabi ko okay di ba?”

He just can’t help but frown.

“I love you..”

Maya nodded, pressed her forehead unto his. Not wanting to force things on her. Richard released his hold on her neck then slowly got up and sat beside her. Placing his arm around her shoulder and let her rest her head unto him.

“Maya, I’m sorry kung dumating sa puntong naghinala ka or naguluhan. If only from the start di ko na tinolerate si Denise di na sana umabot pa sa ganito. There is nothing going on between me and Denise. Apart from treating her like a sister, masyado lang sigurong sumobra ang respeto na pinakita ko sa papa niya kaya hinayaan ko siya. But don’t assume na di ko siya sinaway, it just came to a point na napagod ako kakasaway sa kanya at hinayaan na lang siya. After what happened, I told her to quit texting and calling me. But FYI, those calls and text are purely business related.”

Including the text and drop call at the middle of the night? Hayy Richard, ayos-ayusin mo naman kasi ang speech mo!

Maya thought, recalling the time she had read Denise’s text and the drop call that she almost answered before. She could have mentioned it out but decided to wait for his explanation. Unfortunately, he hasn’t mention anything about it so she kept her silence.

“Please don’t do it again Maya. I’m so worried about you last night. Di ka man lang nagpasabi where you’re going.”

Yeah right! Sa sobrang pag-aalala mo di ka nakatawag at nagtext sa akin.

She answered him in his thought.

“Di naman kita matawagan at out of coverage area yung phone mo. Saan ka ba kagabi?”

Hearing him say that makes her want to reach for her phone on her bag and check it but of course she can’t do that when he is clinging to her like that. She looked up and caught him staring down at her.


“Are you even listening?”

“Oo naman..”


“Anong so?”

“That’s’re not listening! I was asking you where were you last night at di kita ma-contact?”

Maya sense the irritation in his voice so she decided to tease him .

Ang lagay ba ako lang maha-high blood?

Maya thought, deep inside she’s giggling.

“Ahh diyan lang sa tabi-tabi. Someone took us out for a treat. Di pwedeng umayaw sa drinks eh so napasubo ako. Ayoko naman mangbulabog ng madaling araw kung uuwi pa ako kaya nakitira ako for one night sa condo ng kaibigan ko.”

“WHAT?! And all of these happened without me knowing it?! And who is this friend who invited you and your friends?”

Richard gave her a knowing look which prompted Maya to tease him even more.

“Just someone..kasama namin sa Time Airways.”

Standing up to hide her wicked smile, Maya went to their rest room. Richard followed her closely behind.

“Could it be that this someone just came back to Time Airways, Maya?”

Maya glanced at Richard and saw him cross his arm across his chest, leaned at the door, and narrowed  his already-slit-eyes upon looking at her. Deep inside Maya was triumphant.

Sorry Richard …ngayon lang please.

“Ummmm Ricky, pwedeng mamaya na tayo ulit mag-usap? Maliligo lang ako, baho ko na eh. ”

“Maya..wala ka bang sasabihin sa akin?”

Apart from fishing information of what happened last night, he recalled her hurtful words last time. He was expecting her to say she didn’t mean it and that she’s sorry but nothing came. So he let it pass.

Richard breath out a heavy sight then stepped out of the rest room. He waited for Maya while she took a shower. Half an hour passed, Maya stepped out of the shower wearing her robe and a towel wrapped around her head. He was watching a documentary on t.v when he saw her walked inside their walk-in closet . Then minutes later, she appeared wearing her skinny jeans and a baby pink cropped  blouse. In her hands was her wedge sandals and purple hand bag.

“Wala kang pasok?”

“Wala. May pupuntahan lang ako.”

“Kakadating mo lang aalis ka na naman?”

“Sandali lang naman..”

“Saan ka naman pupunta?”

“Sa parlor.”

“Parlor? Bakit ka pupunta sa parlor?”

“Ricky bakit andami mong tanong? Ano ba ginagawa sa parlor? Eh di magpa-ayos.”

Richard just could help but raise an eyebrow. It dawned on him that there is something amiss with her . He doesn’t like what he is feeling right at that moment.

“Sasama ako.”

“Huwag na, papasok ka pa di ba?”

“It’s Saturday kaya okay lang. Samahan na lang kita para di ka na ipag-drive ni Joma.”

“Huwag na, dadalhin ko na lang yung isang sasakyan tutal malapit lang naman at babalik din ako kaagad.”

This surprised him even more. Though Maya already knew how to drive and got her license already, she don’t usually drive a car unless he is with her. That’s the main reason why she refused his decision two years ago to bought a car the moment she got her license.

“Why all of a sudden ayaw mo na samahan kita? Dati naman sinasama mo ako ah .. and ngayon pati pagda-drive sa kotse, gusto mo ikaw na lang?”

“Wala lang..gusto ko lang..di ba marunong naman ako. Saka para wala na akong maaabala.”

“Abala? Kailan ka naman naging abala Maya?”

“Na-realize ko lang kasi na masyado na akong naging dependent sa’yo..gusto ko naman kahit paano huwag na umasa .”

Hearing her reasons drive him crazy. He doesn’t understand why all of a sudden she said that. She was not the type of woman who depends on her man all the  time that’s why those small things that he can do for her  really makes him happy. He doesn’t like her idea of this so-called independence she was saying but not wanting to drive her mad again since they had just reconciled, he agreed to her. Minutes later, Richard was standing outside, watching the car as Maya pulled off the road on her way to the parlor.

Maya was nervous, it was her first time to drive the car alone. She was so used of having him around when drive, keeping her focus and encouraging her to relax when driving. It was surely difficult to act tough infront of Richard, but she has to do it..She must.

Booty shake..shake, shake, shake!

Maya reminded herself.




10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cizziel
    Oct 18, 2013 @ 09:51:03

    Richard has not revealed adequately all the details with Denise. Based on his explanation, he should have set the personal boundaries right from the start esp in a business relationship. He should not have gone out alone with her the first time she asked to tour him. He encouraged it inspite of his being married, knowing that he is in a foreign country and his wife is not around. Denise only responded to his mixed messages. Every business relationship has a conduct restriction and he is totally to blame for the mess he is in now. I say he meets with Mr. Yu and Denise formally and state how Denise acted and terminate the business relationship since his marriage is now affected. Let’s see how Mr. Yu is going to react from the revelation.


  2. ladyflor
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 17:36:52

    Atta Gurl! Pwedeng magpa-miss din paminsan-minsan… pero sana bigyan mo Maya si Richard ng benefit of the doubt… pero tamang takot at alog lang, na pag di sya nagtino pwedeng pwede mo syang palitan… double treat? 🙂


  3. Lala
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 17:17:32

    Maya has to be doesn’t always follow that you have a little revenge. It may get her in trouble.


  4. storyofmaia
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 16:44:38

    Girl power! keep it up Maya! konti na lang…


  5. katie
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 16:39:29

    Hahaha maya, you are driving him crazy!!! Hahaha good job! 🙂 but dont drag it longer than necessary…as long as marealize ni richard ang dapat matutunan e stop ka na dapat. AnD maya sana with this you’ll learn na dapat mas malaki ang tiwala sa isat isa at dapat panatilihin yung communication between the two of you. Wag din mawawalan dapat ng time sa isat isa kahit busy sa trabaho.


  6. Crunch
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 16:26:24

    Konting Push pa Maya!! Go! Go! Go! pero sana walng mangyaring masama sayo sa binabalak mo.. 😀 Next na po please..


  7. catez
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 16:24:46

    go go go go maya booty shake shake shake…….. konting asar pa maya going crazy na si richard… denise wag ka ng umeksena kung ayaw mong may paglagyan ka.


  8. misschuchy
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 16:24:10

    yun oh! sige maya, yang booty shake, shake na yan ang gamitin mo para makaganti kay richard…

    peace lang po sa mga maka-richard ngayon pero i feel for maya now.

    kung inamin na ni richard dati pa, eh di wala sanang ganitong problema ngayon.



  9. misschuchy
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 16:20:08

    Reblogged this on redroses22.


  10. Bong
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 16:14:18

    Sige pa Maya konti na lang, you’re driving him mad – at least may lessons learned not only for him but also for you – patas ang laban kung baga;-) Sana may kasunod agad, thanks sa update


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